Zerg versus Protoss: Understanding Delays

13 augustus 2012
Delaying is part of the game, whether it is denying a Zerg his natural or counter attacking until you have enough army to hold a Protoss push. This guide will help you understand just what kinds of damage those delays are doing.

Zerg versus Terran : Why not Sporecrawler?

2 juni 2012
Drops are tough to deal with when stuff get hectic, especially in the lategame. Read up what the best and most effective defenses are in this short article.

Low budget - Language Learning

15 maart 2012
Gone are the days that you absolutely had to go to a school or a university and get schooled by a teacher, paying lots of money to even get started, to learn a language. There are loads of low budget ( or no budget ) options out there now that can really help you get started on learning a new language within your very home.

Zerg versus Zerg: Glaive Guillotine

24 december 2011
A guide about a Mutalisk centered style, using mass counter attacks and harassment to eek out wins versus slower players and improve your mechanics as well.

Zerg versus Protoss: Fall of the First born

29 november 2011
A guide about the midgame of Zerg versus Protoss, how to set up to it and how to live through one of the more uglier all ins Protoss can throw at you. And eventually to set you up to the deathflock of Broodlords.

Starcraft Korean: Positions and Timings

23 oktober 2011
On a Starcraft map there are many different expansions and base locations. However, how do you know which base casters are talking about? Casters like Day[9] usually say 'the top-left base' or the south base if they are talking about locations on the map. However there is another more accurate way of saying a location on the map...

Starcraft Korean: Your base

25 september 2011
In this article, we'll talk about important locations. It will also introduce a couple of new grammar rules and verbs related to locations. You have to know what the names of the places on the map are if you want to read any strategy post on the korean battlenet.

Starcraft Korean: Basic Grammar

20 september 2011
The second article in the series explaining the Korean language in the context of Starcraft. This time focussing on the very basic grammar to show you how a sentence is structured in the simplest way.

Zerg versus Protoss: Aiurs Armageddon

16 september 2011
The last in the Zerg versus series, this time talking about Zerg versus Protoss. Stretching at a staggering 43 pages of content, this guide is the biggest I have ever written. Full of handy scouting tips, unit compositions and general guidelines to the match up. *Warning! Excessive Zerg bias in the guide*

Zerg versus Terran: Survival of the Patient

4 september 2011
A massive guide about Zerg versus Terran. Explaining everything about the match up including how to deal with certain pushes, harass and the big Marine Tank push in the midgame.

Top 8 articles and tutorials for Beginners

29 augustus 2011
A short list of some highly recognized content aimed specifically for beginners and people in the lower leagues of Starcraft 2. Teamliquid threads, great day[9] dailies and more!

Starcraft Korean: Hangul

25 augustus 2011
An introduction to a series about learning Korean using Starcraft. This part is about the Korean Alphabet, also known as Hangul. And you will be surprised how similar it works to our alphabet. Want to start knowing how it all works? Read on.

Zerg versus Zerg: The Alpha and the Omega.

18 augustus 2011
A big guide about Zerg versus Zerg in Starcraft 2, written by Kevin te Raa, a Master zerg on EU. See for yourself how good this match up turns out to be if you know what to look for, and perhaps get to know a few more tricks up your sleeve.