Starcraft Korean: Your base

In this article , we'll talk about important locations. It will also introduce a couple of new grammar rules and verbs related to locations. You have to know what the names of the places on the map are if you want to read any strategy post on the korean battlenet.

New units and buildings


The base

In your base, there are a couple of interresting features such as the layout, minerals and gasses. There are some key positional advantages for them, such as walling off to deflect zergling runby's, and a close expansion dubbed the natural.

You start off in your main base 1.본진. The entrance and ramp of your base you can use to protect yourself is called 2. 입구. Your base is usually on the high ground 언덕 leading into your natural expansion 3.앞마당 and there are many expansions 4.멀티 you can take afterwards.

If you want to use these locations though, you need to use the location indicator . You put it at the back of the word to say that the subject is at that place. Let's get a couple of examples going.

- Zealots are on the highground.
관전사가 언덕에 있습니다.

- Marines are in the bunker.
해병이 번커에 있습니다.

As you can see, this hardly poses a challenge to the reader to try to decypher. Even if you don't know the word for it, you can see that the word has to do with a location because of the .

Come and go

Using the location marker is great and all, and now you know how to put locations in your sentences. But what good is knowing the name of a place if you don't know how to say you're going or coming from there? That's where these are for.

to go
to come

To use these with a location though, you need a new marker. is strictly used for saying when stuff is at or in some place, they don't tell you anything else. The next two markers will tell you if it is coming from or going to some place.


Just like the location marker, you have to put this behind the word and you're done!

- Stalkers come from the main.
추적자는 본진에서 옵니다.

- Zerglings go to the expansion.
저글링은 멀티까지 갑니다.

You can use both go and come when you're using the 에서 marker though. For example.

- Stalkers come from the natural.
추적자는 앞마당에서 갑니다.

Let' s make a combination now!

맹독충은 앞마당에서 본진까지 갑니다.
Banelings go from the natural to the main.

In the next article, I'll elaborate a bit more about locations and I'll start with some competative terms too.


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