Top 8 articles and tutorials for Beginners

Everyone has to start out somewhere, but where do you go to? I wish I had that answer back when I was just starting out and learning the ropes. For that reason, I will lay out some of the free content out there on the web meant for the newbies that are starting out. Starting with the lesser articles and moving our way up to the better content.

8. An introduction to RTS

A video by Huskystarcraft that explains the very basics of Real-time strategy games. If you are just super confused about all the things going on on the screen, you should definitely give this a try.

7. General Basics guide - written by Robbz

This is a post dedicated to the people who want to know what kind of settings they need to start off their game. It also lays out a couple of basics like Macro and Micro. It is a quick read too! So I would certainly give it a read if you want to know what settings are best.

6. Day [9] daily #269

A video tutorial how to start playing on the ladder and conquering your fear of dealing with the ladder. Lots of people have anxiety to hit that find match button in the multiplayer, this is especially true for newer players or players stuck in the lower leagues. Personally I had this feeling a lot in broodwar, but once I got more comfortable my ranking shot up. I played more calmly and I could make better decisions simply because my mind wasn't in a state of constant fear. It is also about getting into Starcraft 2 and making it social.

5. How to play when you are ahead or behind - written by infinity21

Have you ever been in the situation where you were clearly ahead but lost terribly anyway? Or your opponent got an advantage in the early game and you didn't know how to close the gap? This short article on Teamliquid aims to give you some tips on keeping your advantage. A useful skill in the lower leagues where your game can be decided quickly.

4. Day [9] daily #184

This daily made in 2010 shows common mistakes of bronze to platinum players. If you want to move up to the higher leagues, you will obviously improve by yourself. But sometimes you improve on the more technical things rather than the basics. The tiny things won't help you go from silver to gold, its improving on solid basics that will do that. The daily below will show you what kind of mistakes you might make that slip into your play.

3. Day [9] daily #257

Another video tutorial made by the popular caster Day[9]. The topic is abour refining mechanics, or to newer players, improving how you can improve your speed and accuracy of your execution. It drills a lot about basics like camera positioning and other tiny tricks that will help you improve your game by a ton.

2. Analyzing replays - written by Plexa, Saracen and Infinity21

Another amazing topic about improving your gameplay by analyzing your very own or pro replays. Everyone makes mistakes, even Grand masters do. But what separates the grand masters from the lower leaguers is their maticulous way of analyzing themself and their opponents. Knowing is more than half the battle in Starcraft 2, and with a skill like this you will learn to fix or recognize your mistakes a lot quicker than you would without watching replays of your own.

1. Day[9] daily #252

If you are a gold leaguer and you keep getting outplayed by your opponents, or if you look at your replays and you see an APM number you definitely want to increase. Then this daily is definitely for you.

Sean 'Day[9]' Plott talks about all the basics from hand positioning to mouse movement, hotkeys and much, much more. This video is tailored for beginners all the way to diamond players. That's why I give this the biggest priority to watch.



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